Taylor Public Schools

The Taylor School District is poised to be the leader in education as the community prepares for the 21st Century. The school district is the largest governmental unit of its kind in the Downriver area of suburban Detroit. In Wayne County, the Taylor School District ranks fifth in student population.

The Taylor School District operates two high schools, two middle schools, a Sixth-Grade Academy, nine elementary schools, a preschool center, a Career Center and Alternative School (see below for locations and other information).

The heart of a school district can be found in its curriculum: what it teaches and how it teaches. At the Taylor School District, this heart is defined by a comprehensive, aligned and articulated pre-K-12 curriculum that provides a clear direction for teachers and administrators.

This curriculum includes all subjects taught, from pre-kindergarten through senior high advanced placement. It also includes such areas as special education, technology and school-to-work.

To make this form of education work effectively, the district has implemented an active, progressive curriculum and instruction plan that not only reviews current offerings, but plants the seeds for tomorrow's classrooms. The plan then establishes the strategies and delivery systems that are compatible with district goals and the core curriculum.

Taylor School District
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